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Alicia Aarnio

Solar/stellar connection, pre-main sequence stellar evolution

Feng Chen

Emergent flux simulations

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Chen gives NSO brown bag talk

Posted 22 January 2018

NSO E399, 2pm, Tuesday 1/23.
Realistic simulations of magnetic flux emergence from the convection zone to the corona: coupling the solar convective dynamo and the solar atmosphere
Image featured from Chen et al. 2017

Aarnio reports from AAS 231

Posted 15 January 2018

  • Strategically Assembled
  • Gave talk on updated solar flare/CME correlations
  • Spoke in special session on status of the workforce
  • Lead publication accessibility forum

Brown honorably mentioned

Posted 21 September 2017

Awarded during National Postdoc Appreciation week by the CU Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for "creation of a supportive training environment suited to individual trainee needs, advocacy efforts, and ability to guide postdocs toward professional independence." Read more about it here.
Congrats, Ben!

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