Current fellows:

Amanda White

Polarimetric calibrations for DKIST

Lily Kromyda

Physics of the solar atmosphere

Loren Matilsky

Computational fluid dynamics

Gabriel (Gabo) Ortiz-Pena

Fluid dynamics/solar magnetism

Momchil (Momo) Molnar

Solar chromospheric dynamics

Chris (Gilly) Gilbert

Solar coronal heating

Evan Anders

Convection and dynamo simulations

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Latest News

Matilsky in final round of 3-minute thesis competition

Posted 6 February 2018

Loren has been selected to move on to the final round of CU Boulder’s inaugural Three-Minute-Thesis competition! This event allows researchers in various departments across the Graduate School to explain their research in three minutes to the general public, using only one static powerpoint slide. Loren's talk will be titled "Living with a Star: the Beauty and Perils of Our Sun," centered around his recent research on near-surface shear dynamics in the solar convection zone. The competition will take place February 20, 3--5 PM in the UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom.

Dispatches from the AAS 231

Posted 15 January 2018

Loren Matilsky gave a talk in "The Sun" session entitled, "Toward a Self-Consistent Dynamical Model of the NSSL."

GEH COLLAGE course, Spring 2018

Posted 11 January

ASTR 7500 (CU Boulder course number) announced: "The focus of this offering is helio and asteroseismology. We will examine the theoretical underpinnings, practical applications, and scientific outcomes."

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